Home At Last

We have the truck home and finally have everything squared away. Next step is to start taking some stuff apart…

Our first order of business is to reinstall a double passenger seat in the cab so we can have three riders up in the cab. We’ve sourced some great seats from a fellow who is gutting a Ford Transit van for a camper build. A seat bracket is in order to adapt it to the Unimog. We’ve found a group who does laser cutting and bending of sheet metal that we’re going to give a try. We’ll be posting some updates of that here soon.

Our plan for our box is to feel it out a bit during some camping trips and start designing the layout that works best for us. We’d like to fit in a bathroom with a shower. A kitchen for preparing meals in. Dinning table with seating for 6 or so. Then sleeping areas for four inside the box. We want to do a pass through into the cab at some point.

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